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2017 Summer Music Camp Dates

JULY 24-28


Concert Video taken by Susan Hulbert

CAMP LOCATION - Correia Middle School
4302 Valeta, San Diego CA 92107

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Band at the Beach and Beach Orchestra Music Camp Presents
Closing Concert
Friday, July 28, 2017 at 4:00 PM
Correia Middle School Auditorium
4302 Valeta Street, San Diego, CA 92107


Band at the Beach © is a 501c3 non-profit organization advocating quality music in our schools.

Band at the Beach and Beach Orchestra Music Camp started in the Point Loma area and has been meeting the first week of August since 1988. Young musicians from over 27 schools throughout San Diego County now participate in the camp program. In addition, Band at the Beach © offers extra-curricular instruction, coaching assistance in local schools and provides piano accompaniment for competitions.

As a non-profit, Band at the Beach © depends entirely on tuitions and donations to continue with its mission of keeping quality music in our schools. We welcome monetary contributions from all who are friends of music. Donations of available services and merchandise coupons are also welcomed and appreciated for their use as incentives and daily raffle prizes which help raise money for scholarships, staff honorariums, music purchases, licensing, liability insurance, rent, custodial service, nutrition breaks and website maintenance.

Band at the Beach © is a 501c3 non-profit organization . More information is available at or

Thanks so much for helping me get back into playing the trumpet. D.B.

Thanks for all you have done . . . teaching music, writing letters, taking me to Festivals. I won't forget any of it. A.C.

Thanks for continuing great work to help young people experience the magic Of music. D. G.

I was especially impressed with the Band at the Beach performance. S..R.

What an amazing gift you given to the children of San Diego. .C.

We had the great privilege of being in the audience for the Band at the Beach concert on the 18th. There are no words strong enough to express our admiration for the adults and the students involved and the great concert they were able to present. Everyone involved should be immensely proud of his and her efforts.

Our grandson played the tuba in the concert. He told us that he was amazed at the superiority of the teachers that week over the teachers he has had in other situations. His verbatim comment was "These are real teachers!"

Thank you to you for your leadership and for allowing us to hear the results.

Band at the Beach ©
Dell Schroeder, Director
3703 Lotus Dr.
San Diego CA 92106


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